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We help active adults suffering from painful injuries to clearly see their path to recovery, allowing them to do what they love to do, even if other healthcare professionals were unable to help.

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About Dr. Barbara Rabin

Barbara practices physical therapy in her private outpatient integrative physical therapy practice near Cleveland, Ohio. Barbara specializes in helping people work through movement and health issues so that they can get back to whatever they love to do.

Barbara combines her many years of competitive running & triathlon, and her knowledge of nutrition, sports medicine, weight training, athletic training, medical yoga, movement, pain science, neuroscience, sensory integration, polyvagal theory, myofascial release, medical massage, dry needling, craniosacral therapy, listening therapies, and more to create the ultimate personalized healing protocol for each patient.


Gates Mills, OH 44040

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    Our Client Feedback

    “I started seeing Barbara after experiencing several chronic running injuries. I had been battling plantar fasciitis,, hip pain and low back pain. Barbara has helped me through a combination of physical therapy, yoga, myofascial release, and strength training. I had been to other physical therapists and doctors before, but no one had has helped me as the way Barbara has. She is the most patient, understanding and encouraging practitioner. With her help and guidance, I have become stronger, run farther and achieved goals that I never had believed were possible. Barbara believed in me and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. She has given me tools to continue to keep my body and mind healthy. Working with her has completely changed my outlook on exercise, health, and wellness.”

    Julie B.

    Local Ohio Resident

    “Barb is creative and thinks practically about what you need to do on a daily basis to get around. I have an exercise routine I follow every day and regularly go to bar classes and yoga. I am motivated to stay in shape as I am quite active. Barb will always keep you safe, use her creativity to keep you active and motivated. Her experience in being an athlete and physical therapist have really given terrific insight into helping people of all ages to stay active. I would never hesitate to use her again and again if needed and would highly recommend her to anyone. I wish her great success in her career as she always strives for improvement. She will always give you the time you need and prepare you to be the most active you can be.”

    Linda O.

    Local Ohio Resident

    “I was extremely lucky to have had the experience of being taught by Barb during my first on-site learning module of my Professional Yoga Therapy Certification. I was very nervous for fear of failure, but Barb recognized my insecurity and because of her kindness and compassion she helped to provide me with the reassurance and confidence I needed to succeed. She is aware of what her students needs are and how best to meet them by providing the appropriate amount of guidance to ensure a positive outcome. These are the qualities that make not only a great teacher, but a great person. I could not have been more blessed to receive training when Barb was teaching and I am looking forward to my future trainings with the hope that Barb will again be involved in my learning.”

    Kassandra K.P.

    Local Ohio Resident

    “As a 67 year old, I have been challenged by physical injuries and conditions related to hypermobile joints for decades. I am grateful to have found Barbara and am thrilled with both my progress and most importantly the understanding, awareness and tools to reclaim and maintain my health and active lifestyle. Barbara Rabin’s experience, training and knowledge is wide-ranging, providing truly a holistic approach to the whole person”

    Robin Kirschenbaum

    Local Ohio Resident

    Love this practice. For me, it is the perfect combo-platter of yoga and PT. I have seen terrific results in a few weeks. BB

    Bill Babcox

    Local Ohio Resident
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