6 Reasons Why Holistic Physical Therapy is Unique

Recently, a colleague heard about my practice from an inquiring patient of hers. He was looking for care that I offer that she did not – specifically myofascial release. Looking at my website, she was intrigued by my practice and then contacted me to get more information for any potential referrals. She asked me she could best describe my practice to her patients and how I was different than most outpatient or hospital based clinics. This resulted in a list of 6 unique features and I’d like to share them with you.

However, let me start by listing the ways that Holistic Physical Therapy is similar to other outpatient orthopedic clinics. My clinic and most, if not all, outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinics;

  • Have the same intentions to help their patients get well as soon as possible, but the policies and procedures to reach that goal my differ by clinic.
  • Offer complete rehabilitation for pre/post-surgical conditions and injuries with traditional techniques, modalities and equipment.
  • Offer direct access to physical therapy care without a physician referral.
  • Accept most major insurances and Medicare for payment.

Now, for the 6 ways that you will have a unique experience at Holistic Physical Therapy compared to the experience at other outpatient orthopedic clinics;

  1. You will enjoy a peaceful, natural, beautiful, safe & private setting at Holistic Physical Therapy. You will enjoy the natural beauty of all four seasons in Ohio through the many clinic windows. The neighborhood is quiet and the property is on 5 private wooded acres. The clinic is environmentally safe & toxin free. Patients are scheduled far enough apart that it is rare that you would see the patient scheduled before or after you. You will be the only patient in the clinic at the time of your visit.


  1. You will be assessed & treated with a holistic lens at Holistic Physical Therapy. All facets of your life in relation to your condition, are considered in the assessment and treatment. In addition to the physical – which includes overall health, diet, nutrition, and supplements –  we may address any psychological, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, energetic areas in your life as they relate to your wellness goals. If an area we discuss needs more than basic guidance and becomes out of my scope of practice, then I suggest preferred providers to help you to delve deeper into those areas. This holistic lens is guided in part by my study in ancient eastern medicines such as Ayurveda, Jivasara yoga, Qi Gong, reiki, medical yoga therapy, my spiritual faith, and myofascial release.


  1. You will learn how to balance your nervous system at Holistic Physical Therapy. Important to your healing & a full recovery is a balanced nervous system. Using ancient as well as modern techniques, all patients learn nervous system regulation exercises and an individualized breathing program. These practices help to maximize your body-mind’s ability to be receptive (absorb) to learn (ingest) and then integrate (digest) any exercises or manual therapy treatment. This is true learning for your mind/ body that creates lasting changes.


  1. You have the opportunity to receive healing CranioSacral therapy or advanced level myofascial release with the John F Barnes approach at Holistic Physical Therapy. These are the manual therapies of choice at Holistic Physical Therapy by me – Dr. Barbara Rabin. These treatments can be scheduled as wellness or as physical therapy ranging from either 20 minutes to 90 minutes.


  1. You are 100% guaranteed continuity of care at Holistic Physical Therapy. From the first phone call until your last visit, you will be working with the same provider which is me – Dr. Barbara Rabin – the owner and sole practitioner at Holistic Physical Therapy. I am educated at the highest level for my profession – a doctorate – plus have 30 years of clinical experience. You will not be passed off to an assistant or aid after the evaluation or at any time during your care. This allows for a more effective learning experience with less frequent and overall visits. In addition, while patients are actively in my care, they are encouraged to text or email between visits. This could be for any questions or concerns regarding their care or to stay updated with their home program.


  1. You are the primary focus at Holistic Physical Therapy – not the bottom line.
  • You and I decide the best course of treatment, not the insurance company. This might sound obvious but it is a sad fact that insurance companies often dictate the course of treatment using an algorithm that should work in theory but often not in real life. Many effective treatments can have low reimbursement and so health professionals often have to limit the amount of time they offer those treatments in order to stay in business. My part-cash, part-insurance based model allows us the option to work around that algorithm. For instance, it is rare to be reimbursed for more than 30 minutes of a myofascial release so many clinics are forced to limit the time allowed for this treatment. You might desire to have a 60 – 90 minute myofascial release treatment and this is possible at Holistic Physical Therapy. Most physical therapists that have a private myofascial release practice do not bother to accept insurance, while I do. I respect your financial situation and your desire to use your insurance. I chose this business model in part because I believe so much in the healing power of myofascial release and the need to have it accessible to everyone.
  • You and I decide the amount of visits you will need to get well at Holistic Physical Therapy, not the productivity quota. When I worked at many outpatient orthopedic clinics I often felt like a hamster on a wheel. Running from patient to patient. Often working with more than one patient at a time. No time in-between patients and all lunches were used to catch up on notes. It was exhausting! All to reach that productivity quota. I want you to know, that you are not seen as a commodity that contributes to a quota, but instead as a beautiful complex puzzle that I am intrigued to solve. We solve this puzzle together. You will experience “well care” at Holistic Physical Therapy. Well care means that you will get completely well and will not need me anymore. Whereas often modern “healthcare” often results in a semi-well state in which the patient is perpetually hooked into a system requiring the need to come back again and again. This is unempowering for the patient. Modern healthcare often means that frequent and many visits are needed to stay well. Whereas, my treatment plan for you, includes how infrequent and the least amount of visits overall are needed to achieve complete wellness. If I do my job correctly, I am basically “putting myself out of business.” Why do I do this? I do this, because it allows me to focus 100% on a few patients instead of focusing 20% on a lot of patients. I do this because I am an ethical provider who is in the business of helping people get well. Completely well. Patients will see me until they are 100% well and independent in their home program. They learn how to stay well, using this home program. They learn how to self-treat any acute aches or pains before they become chronic. I do this, because what comes around goes around, and hopefully well patients will be satisfied and refer family and friends to my practice and if needed come back again. I do this, because …

the ultimate goal at holistic physical therapy is to help you avoid lots of medications and/or surgery and get you back to what you love to do fully functional & pain-free as soon as possible.

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